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Harry Stone Recreation Center

Harry Stone Recreation Center

Harry Stone Recreation Center is a health club located in far East Dallas off Ferguson Rd. It was modernized in 2013 to accommodate a baseball field, a fitness center, two gymnasiums, large and small meeting rooms, a soccer field, a tennis court, walking trails and a kitchen. It also provides Wi-Fi and a parking lot.

Open from Monday to Saturday, it offers daily activities, such as Zumba, which mingles Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves in order to create a dynamic fitness program for adults. For children between the ages of 5 and 13 there is the ASP, an after-school program which provides a safe and secure environment. The children receive homework assistance and engage in physical activity, games, arts and crafts, cultural and wellness programs.  The Center also provides basic services transportation from school. For those with the age between 12 and 59 years with a more artistic inclination, and the will to push the boundaries of flexibility, coordination, strength and discipline, the Harry Stone Recreation Center even offers ballet classes.

Harry Stone Recreation Center is also a promoter of cultural equality, when organizing events like St. Patrick's day mini Festival, an advocate of family fun around the holidays, with activities such as the Bunny Hop Parade and an endorser of national pride, when coordinating the Memorial Day Salute to the Flag.

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