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Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art

A visit to Dallas is not considered complete without visiting the museum of art located in the Downtown. The center boasts of a rich catalog of more than 2400 artifacts with some dating back as early as 300 BC. Since inception, the museum continues to attract massive attendance often attributed to the sound exhibition strategy and the award-winning learning setting. The inbuilt library offers more than 50 000 volumes where the public can learn.

Often, first-time visitors tend to limit their expectations owing to the standards set by the conventional museums. At Dallas museum of art, you cannot miss the late night’s specials that occur on the third Friday of every month. The end of nights offers a broad range of concerts, readings, tours, and movie screenings and family programs for all ages.  However, some programs may need you to pay an extra ticket, but most are free for children under the age of 11 years.

During the weekends, the museum presents a myriad of talks and exhibitions where visitors explore creative arts from across the world. In case you missed an interesting conversation, you are sure to catch the past talks and lectures from the gallery. The DMA staff, distinguished artists and renowned scholars will treats you to informative launch gallery talks on Wednesdays while tours depart from the service desk every Saturday at 2.00pm.

Also, visitors can treat themselves to an array of music performances from the weekly Jazz. In case you need to take a few days, the museum is just 7.6 miles away from some of the world-class hotels in Dallas Texas.