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Old Red Museum of Dallas

Old Red Museum of Dallas

Established in 1892, the museum was dedicated to educating and inspire visitors of the rich cultural, political and economic heritage of the City. In fact, it’s considered a symbol of heritage in Dallas that sits at the crossroads adjacent to the JKF memorial. After construction, the center restored fascinating artifacts with the special exhibits preserving different commodities.

Hours of operation

Like many other museums, the center is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm but closed on a few predetermined dates every year. When it comes to pricing, different rates apply based on the age and membership status. Old members need to show proof of membership through membership cards while general visitors are likely to part with up to $8 with general tickets allowing access to permanent galleries and other special exhibits. For group attendance, the museum charges $5 on each person subject to advance booking.


If you are looking for an extended visit, you may need to register as a permanent member and enjoy the discounts. For just $50, you become an individual member, while dual membership goes for $75, family membership $125 and family plus $ 150. As a member, you stand to benefit free admission, discounts on public programs, 10% discount on all merchandise every year and exclusive access to the public opening.

With the museum sitting at just 6.9 miles away from the major hotels in Dallas Texas, you can just take a few minutes’ walk or perhaps come with your car. However, you need to part with extra fees to secure a parking slot inside the County owned garage.