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Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The Perot natural history and science museum sits in Dallas, Texas, with two campuses located in Victory Park and Fair Park respectively. The museum came into being in 2006 when Dallas museum of natural history and Dallas children’s museum were merged. The center gives a collective communal experience, significant cultural expression and new perspectives to facing life.

Other than manifesting the remote and artistic features, the museum offers a perfect opportunity for learning and stimulating personal creativity. Over the years, it has transformed social organizations while helping visitors understand the world.

The events

The museum is home to different forms of performances that reflect different customs.  For this reason, visitors can attend the architecture forum, public discussions, films and numerous exhibitions available all year round. The luminous landscape and the educator workshops add to the stunning experience.

General exhibition

While gallery appears small than the conventional museums, the variety of portraits and paintings are hard to avoid. Visitors can participate in building the display using recyclable materials or the interview the leaders of the museums to get a better glimpse of the history. The high definition screens give a rare opportunity to view the Big Bang Theory associated with the creation of the solar system.

Additionally, you can see the cross section of real human beings, learn how the body moves, monitor your heartbeat, view human tissues and analyzes your cheek. As if not enough, X-rays showing sports injuries and human body’s aerodynamics are a reality at the museum. The best thing is that the museum is just 6.6 miles from one of the largest hotels in Dallas.