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Pioneer Plaza

Pioneer Plaza

Situated in the convention center district of Dallas, and adjacent to the pioneer park cemetery, the public park attracts a high number of tourists every year, ranking second after the Dealey Plaza. In the larger business district, the combination remains the biggest open space. The large sculpture at the vicinity serves to commemorate the 19th-century cattle drives that occurred along the Shawnee Trail. Currently, the sculpture is the largest bronze made monument across the globe.

The plaza gives a venue suitable for outdoor activities and meal function, especially during the sunny days. Occasionally, the centers organizers are likely to surprise the crowds at the events through the vibrant space and settings incorporated into your special events. One can participate in nature trails walking through the civil war memorial.

Other than the typical artifacts and sculptures, the center treats you to an entertaining performances often organized from time to time. With free and ample parking available, you are free to come with your car or stop by for a few minutes and catch the view of the natural setting. The venue is suitable for all ages as the excellent crafts, and the beautiful waterfalls are yet to find a match. You can relax as your kids explore the sculptures and the terrain.

In case you need to capture the memories of the visit, consider taking photographs at different spots. Also, you may take into account visiting some of the world-class hotels in Dallas for exclusive accommodation and entertainment after long days. At just 6.9 miles, you get yourself exquisite hospitality and state of the art facilities at the restaurant.