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Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University

Founded in 1911, the private institution boasts of a total of about 6400 undergraduates taking different courses. While the name indicates a religious affiliation, the Dallas-based University is secular in operations.  In a city that boasts a whopping 232 days of direct sunshine, visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor activities. The Guildhall at the Plano campus is not only iconic but also the first video game graduate courses in the US.

Since 2008, the university established the George W Bush presidential center on the southeast, whose wife Laura studied in the school. The center was constructed of the local limestone and brick with the landmark central tower blending the architecture. The library and the museum offers an array of publications and artifacts that give the students and public a new perspective on history and current affairs.

During the diversity week, the students tend to soak up in the festivities as they celebrate unique experiences in campus and beyond. Despite the museum and the library being part of the institutions compound, they are run by the National Archives and Record Administration with the University maintaining one representative to the board. The library is also known for public talks and discussions.

At the height of activities is the Dallas international festivals that attract more than 40,000 viewers every year from across the city.  More than 2000 students are likely to attend the Greek life, and all are part of the annual festivals. In case you are stuck after the festivals or the games, the major hotels in Dallas, Texas are just about 9.7 miles from the institution.