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The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Located on the Boulevard, Dallas, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum is one of the top attraction centers in Texas. The center offers an educative and an impressive scenery suitable for family vacations. The library’s exhibits manifest the challenges and inspirations that shaped the life of America’s 43rd president, with numerous changes giving visitors new insights into Bush’s life and work during and after the presidency.

The collections

While the center is widely known for the special exhibits, the library gives an opportunity to experience a replica of the white house oval office. The textual, audio and visual collections help the visitors learn about the times of George Bush. With a rich catalog of artifacts, portraits, music, sounds and videos, the museum is a representative of the US antiquity since 1941. As if not enough, the Berlin wall slab, and the world war II bomber and the adds to the theme.

The events

With most of the visitors enjoying the stunning collections of the artifacts, the library, and the museum organizes evening lectures and discussions where guest speakers address the attendants. Author events and book signings are common occurrences while the children are treated to historical storytelling sessions. Additionally, you may consider acquiring several items at the gift shop.


Accessing the museum and securing a parking takes less than five minutes on arrival. On typical days, you will only part with $7 for parking the whole day and $17 for admission for non-members. The staff and volunteers give you full assistance when the need arises. With the site just 10.4 miles from the major hotels in Dallas Texas, foreign visitors are rest assured of ample facilities for their stay.